Welcome at MotorOpslag Leeuwarden

Why Storage with MotorOpslag Leeuwarden:

  • Cheap, You just pay for the days you use our Motorcycle storage

  • Daily terminable, At least 7 days before you leave your Motorcycle storage 

  • 24/7 to book online, Book your Motorcycle storage here and you can use it directly or within a short time

  • Safe, Secured by camerasystem, alarmsystem, firesavetysystem, entrancesystem

  • Clean, The Motorcycle storage are dry clean and conditioned the whole year

  • Optional,We have 230V connections available to use your charger and lockerboxes for your helmet and/or your motor-suit

  • 24/7 open, You can visit your Motorcycle storage any time you like and to enter you use your mobile number

  • Addtional costs, Besides the monthly rent we charge an one-time cost of €14.50 for the use of your personal lock we provide

  • Transport, We can help you with moving your bike at additional costs


You can always contact us when in doubt or if you have any question. We are always delighted to help you.

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Contact information

MotorOpslag Leeuwarden
Poolsterweg 8
8938 AN Leeuwarden

E-mail: info@motoropslagleeuwarden.nl
Phone: +31 58 700 9711
WhatsApp: +31 6 3097 4030